Release Date & News The heart of GreenTV’s online presence, offering a gateway to all information related to the platform’s software engineering initiatives.


Release Date & News

greentv.crypto is an all-encompassing hub where token transactions, trading, buying, and selling occur seamlessly.It’s also the primary forum for community-driven discussions, DAO governance voting, and the dissemination of resources on blockchain’s role in environmental sustainability.


 Release Date & News The domain operates as an AI incubator, creating innovative solutions to combat climate change through decentralization. It applies funds to tackle climate problems and supports the broader mission of GreenTV Master DAO.


Release Date & News As the official domain, guides users to various GreenTV platforms, providing a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem and its diverse content offerings centered around sustainability and climate action.



 Release Date & News A decentralized mobile application that serves as a streaming service, where content is stored on the blockchain, challenging the status quo and censorship.


Release Date & News A dedicated platform for aggregating, creating and delivering the latest green news from all green sectors rewarding upvoted content contributors. A platform where content is stored on the blockchain, challenging the status quo and censorship.


 Release Date & News A visionary addition to the GreenTV ecosystem, is poised to become a dynamic destination for both video game developers and players who are passionate about the environment. By offering a collection of immersive AR and VR games, this platform invites users to delve into ‘greenworlds’—virtual spaces where the actions they take have a real-world impact on combating climate change. Leveraging decentralized blockchain technology, not only incentivizes participation through gamification but also rewards users for their contributions to sustainability. It’s a place where gaming transcends entertainment, becoming a force for good in the global fight against environmental challenges.


Release Date & News

greentv.nft: Environmentally-focused NFTs. GreenTV embraces the NFT movement with greentv.nft, a platform dedicated to promoting eco-friendly NFT creation and ownership. This initiative aligns with the environmental ethos of GreenTV, ensuring that the emerging NFT sector has a positive impact on the planet.


 Release Date & News offers premium access to various GreenTV services, events, or features, providing additional value and exclusivity for GTV token holders.

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    Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, Initial Disrupter Offering (IDO) Proposal


    GTV Utility

    • Governance: Token holders can actively participate in platform governance, influencing decisions related to development, upgrades, and strategic directions.
    • Exclusive Access: Holders gain access to premium features, events, and services within the GREENTV platform.


    Project Funding and Rewards

    GreenTV aims to allocate a portion of its resources to support environmental projects proposed by community members, organizations, and partners. These projects may include initiatives related to conservation, renewable energy, waste management, eco-friendly technology, and more. Funding for projects will be distributed through transparent and accountable processes to ensure maximum impact and alignment with GreenTV’s objectives.


    Governance and Voting Rights

    GTV token holders will have the opportunity to actively participate in platform governance through decentralized voting mechanisms. This ensures that the community has a say in key decisions such as development proposals, partnerships, and fund allocation, fostering a democratic and transparent ecosystem.


    Roadmap to Success

    1. Launch of IDO: Immediate priority is the successful launch and completion of the IDO, adhering to the projected soft and hard caps.
    2. Governance Council Formation: Post-IDO, establishment of a Governance Council from the GTV token holder community to guide the ecosystem.
    3. Platform Enhancements: Utilize funds for the continuous development and enhancement of GreenTV platforms; integrating AI, NFTs, and additional blockchain solutions.
    4. Community Growth: Drive growth and engagement within the community via marketing initiatives and strategic partnerships



    Initial Disruptive Offering (IDO) Proposal


    Executive Summary

    Welcome to the GreenTV (GTV) DAO Initial Disruptive Offering (IDO) Green Paper. This document outlines the revolutionary vision of GREENTV DAO to leverage blockchain technology for environmental sustainability and philanthropy. The GTV Token lies at the core of this vision, serving as the gateway to a decentralized ecosystem dedicated to promoting environmental awareness, education, and action. GREENTV DAO is launching an Initial Disrupter Offering (IDO) for its native GTV Token, a fundamental component of the GTV decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The IDO is a pivotal moment for GreenTV, as it seeks to revolutionize environmental impact through blockchain technology, by integrating a sustainable token economy into its ecosystem. This proposal is designed for token holders to understand, participate, and benefit from the growth of the GreenTV platform and its commitment to ecological sustainability and philanthropy.



    • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GTV
    • Distribution:
      • Initial Distribution (Private Sale/Presale): 30% = 300,000,000 GTV
      • Liquidity Pool: 20% = 200,000,000 GTV
      • Development and Team: 15% = 150,000,000 GTV
      • Marketing and Partnerships: 15% = 150,000,000 GTV
      • Community Incentives and Rewards: 10% = 100,000,000 GTV
      • Reserve Fund: 10% = 100,000,000 GTV

    IDO Specifications

    • Total Token Supply for IDO: 300,000,000 GTV
    • GTV Token Price: $0.10
    • GTV Private Sale Token Price: $0.05 (03/20/24 to 04/20/24)
    • GTV Presale Token Price: $0.08 (04/20/24 to 05/20/24)

    100% GTV Token Distribution over 3 Years

    • Quarterly Distributions Breakdown:
      • 1,000,000,000 GTV Total Distribution over 3 years = 33,333,333.33 GTV per year
      • 33,333,333.33 GTV per year / 4 Quarters = 8,333,333.33 GTV per quarter

    8,333,333.33 GTV per quarter distributions:

    • Funding Rounds: 7.5% = 7.5/100 * 8,333,333.33 = 624,999.99975 ≈ 625,000 GTV
    • Liquidity Pool: 5% = 5/100 * 8,333,333.33 = 416,666.6665 ≈ 416,667 GTV
    • Development and Team: 3.75% = 3.75/100 * 8,333,333.33 = 312,499.999875 ≈ 312,500 GTV
    • Marketing and Partnerships: 3.75% = 3.75/100 * 8,333,333.33 = 312,499.999875 ≈ 312,500 GTV
    • Community Incentives & Rewards: 2.5% = 2.5/100 * 8,333,333.33 = 208,333.33225 ≈ 208,333 GTV
    • Reserve Fund: 2.5% = 2.5/100 * 8,333,333.33 = 208,333.33225 ≈ 208,333 GTV

    Total Quarterly Distribution:

    625,000 GTV (Funding Rounds) + 416,667 GTV (Liquidity Pool) + 312,500 GTV (Development and Team) + 312,500 GTV (Marketing and Partnerships) + 208,333 GTV (Community Incentives and Rewards) + 208,333 GTV (Reserve Fund) = 1,883,333 GTV


    The GreenTV (GTV) DAO IDO represents a tangible opportunity for individuals to back a platform that’s on the cutting edge of combining entertainment, environmental activism, and blockchain technology. By participating in the GTV IDO, members will not only contribute to the development of a robust platform dedicated to positive environmental change but will also share in its success through a well-structured tokenomics model.


    Interested parties are encouraged to contact GreenTV for further details and to participate in this IDO. Together, we can build a sustainable future powered by blockchain.


    For direct inquiries or to participate in the venture, please reach out to


    Thank you,