Welcome to the GTV family section.

This is a showcase of the GTV DAO websites we are currently developing.

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greentv.io: The heart of GreenTV’s online presence, offering a gateway to all information related to the platform’s software engineering initiatives.


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greentv.crypto is an all-encompassing hub where token transactions, trading, buying, and selling occur seamlessly.It’s also the primary forum for community-driven discussions, DAO governance voting, and the dissemination of resources on blockchain’s role in environmental sustainability.


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greentv.ai: The greentv.ai domain operates as an AI incubator, creating innovative solutions to combat climate change through decentralization. It applies funds to tackle climate problems and supports the broader mission of GreenTV Master DAO.


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greentv.com: As the official domain, greentv.com guides users to various GreenTV platforms, providing a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem and its diverse content offerings centered around sustainability and climate action.


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greentv.app: A decentralized mobile application that serves as a streaming service, where content is stored on the blockchain, challenging the status quo and censorship.


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greentv.news: A dedicated platform for aggregating, creating and delivering the latest green news from all green sectors rewarding upvoted content contributors. A platform where content is stored on the blockchain, challenging the status quo and censorship.


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greentv.games: A visionary addition to the GreenTV ecosystem, greentv.games is poised to become a dynamic destination for both video game developers and players who are passionate about the environment. By offering a collection of immersive AR and VR games, this platform invites users to delve into ‘greenworlds’—virtual spaces where the actions they take have a real-world impact on combating climate change. Leveraging decentralized blockchain technology, greentv.games not only incentivizes participation through gamification but also rewards users for their contributions to sustainability. It’s a place where gaming transcends entertainment, becoming a force for good in the global fight against environmental challenges.


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greentv.nft: Environmentally-focused NFTs. GreenTV embraces the NFT movement with greentv.nft, a platform dedicated to promoting eco-friendly NFT creation and ownership. This initiative aligns with the environmental ethos of GreenTV, ensuring that the emerging NFT sector has a positive impact on the planet.


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greentv.vip: Greentv.vip offers premium access to various GreenTV services, events, or features, providing additional value and exclusivity for GTV token holders.