GreenTV (GTV) Tokens Private Sale & Presale Invitation

Embark on a transformative journey with GreenTV by partaking in the exclusive private sale and presale of GreenTV (GTV) Tokens. Your early involvement provides a unique opportunity to support and help shape the GTV ecosystem —a platform where sustainability meets cutting-edge technology.

Private Sale Exclusive Offer:

  • Limited Access: A select window to pledge support and secure GTV Tokens ahead of public availability.
  • Preferential Pricing: Special rates to honor and recognize the trust and foresight of our early backers.
  • Influential Footprint: Cement your role in the GTV community and steer the future of our sustainable platforms.


Presale Opportunities:

  • Anticipatory Benefits: Commit to GTV Tokens at competitive presale prices, poised for potential appreciation.
  • Community Empowerment: Your proactive involvement empowers you to contribute to the decision-making processes within GreenTV’s mission.
  • Engagement Rewards: Look forward to potential rewards for your active participation in greentv.nft and other GTV initiatives.


Terms of Token Allocation:

  • Tokens Allocated for Private Sale/Presale: 300,000,000 GTV (30% of Total Supply)
  • Token Type: ERC-20, intended for integration and utility within the GreenTV ecosystem.
  • Distribution: Tokens will be allocated to purchasers following the deployment of the GTV smart contract, in line with legal and regulatory compliance.


Legal Considerations:

  • Nondelivery Risk Acknowledgment: By participating, purchasers understand that GTV Tokens will only be distributed upon successful deployment of the GTV smart contract and recognize the inherent risks associated with blockchain development.
  • Compliance Assurance: The GreenTV team is committed to abiding by all applicable laws and regulations throughout the token sale process to ensure a secure and legally sound environment for all participants.


Take Action for a Greener Future:

By committing to the GTV vision now, you are not just investing; you are joining a movement towards social and environmental betterment through innovative blockchain solutions. Your support today is a pledge for a more sustainable tomorrow.

For comprehensive details on how to participate and the terms of the private sale and presale, please consult our information portal.

Tokens purchased will reflect in the balance on your user profile.

Your commitment during this pivotal moment is invaluable. For inquiries or to express your interest, contact us at Together, we can turn the tide towards a brighter, greener future.